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GME TDR1000 Tactical Radio Repeater – Comms Network

Product Description

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The TDR1000 portable repeater is lightweight, high powered and has a long duty
cycle which can be tailored by individual programming of the radio components.
The chassis supports three radios operating in the VHF 136-174 MHz, UHFL
403-480 MHz and UHF 450-520 MHz. Two of the radio slots are used for the
receive and transmit radios in talk through repeater mode and a third radio slot
accepts an optional linking radio that enables a wide range of fl exible cross
band and cross protocol applications.
The IP67 case houses a hi-spec diplexer and two LiFeP04 9 Ah Lithium Iron
Phosphate batteries allowing air transport of the complete assembled unit.
A unique rubber mounted chassis means the TDR1000 has excellent resistance
to shock and vibration. The optional AE1000 fi eld antenna will provide a fast
deployment communications network.